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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was somewhere you could go to escape a busy city life? To lie on soft grass and watch the clouds skim across the endless skies and feel safe, peaceful and truly relaxed? That’s what Point Clair House means for us. We are Trush and Kal, and we can’t wait to share our second home with you.

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Point Clair House

A luxury holiday home in Scotland was not part of our plan. We had been looking to acquire a property close to our home in London. After we skimmed through several thousand UK properties, Point Clair House suddenly appeared – and stood out from the crowd.

Our first trip to Point Clair House was also our first trip to Scotland, but we knew instantly that we had to have the house. The location and views were enchanting – perfect for Kal to relax with a glass of whisky or Trush to listen to the loch lapping against the shore.

Creating our

perfect holiday home

We treasure our time spent on holiday and have loved our experiences in Thailand and Bali. We always hire a large villa with all the creature comforts – so our second home in Scotland needed to have all the luxuries we would want.

When we purchased Point Clair House in 2018, the house looked like something from a 1970s Argos catalogue. The self-catering country house sits on land known as Johnny’s Point and was built in the 1930s by a ship captain. The bow-ended front of the house resembles a ship’s bridge and we utilised that nautical theme during our renovations.


the house

As a former Production Designer in the British film industry, Kal knew exactly how to transform the house into the perfect second home for our family. Our teenage daughter, Karin, loves city life and the tranquility of Scotland came as a bit of a shock to the system after a busy London life. We decided to build a cinema room and games room to keep her occupied. Two years in, she has grown to appreciate the house and its surroundings – our holidays are much more peaceful now!

Both of us have Indian backgrounds, so we used colourful, Bollywood-style silks and fabrics on the curtains and scatter cushions. We went to Wembley and Southall to buy a few hundred samples of inspiring colours and fabrics, then grouped them together in our office later. Once we had tones that worked well, we had the curtains and cushion stitched in London and shipped to Loch Ness, making for a pop of colour in every room.

Point Clair House

Your turn

It took us a year, but we finally created the perfect place for our family to escape from the city, enjoy conversations round an open fire and dinner in the BBQ hut. We’ve nurtured the house into our ideal holiday home – and now it’s your turn to enjoy it.

When you visit Point Clair House, you’re not just staying in a luxury self-catering retreat. You’re being welcomed into our second home to find the same solace in nature that we do.

It has been a fun and creative journey with more developments to come. Oh yes, and lots of whisky!

Trush and Kal.

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Point Clair House

" Haste Ye Back "

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