Cottages to Rent in Loch Ness

Seating area with bay window in Point Clair House

In this article we look at so important things to recognise if you are considering cottages to rent in Loch Ness.

The first thing you must understand is that not all holiday cottages to rent on Loch Ness are created equally.

Clare house it’s one of the finest examples of holiday cottages in Loch Ness. It is a luxury converted mansion that offers its guests the very best opportunity to experience the area from the wonderful luxury property available for exclusive hire.

Bedroom in Point Clair House, Loch Ness | Self-Catering Cottage at Loch Ness, Scotland

What makes point Claire one of the best cottages to rent on Loch Ness?

As previously identified Plair is a significantly impressive traditional Scottish Mansion on the bank of Loch Ness, so there are a few other properties as authentic.

Large group booking can be a challenge for families and larger groups coming to Scotland, either from within the UK or overseas. It is quite common for us to receive large groups from the United States, such as Americans, who often prefer to travel to the UK in larger family groups for big events such as Christmas.

Of course it’s not just single-family it can be multiple families they choose to holiday together and provides the perfect opportunity for them to have individual spaces as well as larger communal spaces to really enjoy themselves and experience the best Scot Scotland has the offer.

Please refer to the map below to see just how close to the lock itself Point Clair House is.

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